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Bye ;)   
08:49am 19/03/2004
  I am no longer with the Fucking Bar... if you want, you can e-mail me at brandi@beautysphonedesires.com  
Just a bunch of random thoughts   
09:44am 12/03/2004
mood: happy
I have a difficult client right now that I am working for so I apologize if my last post seemed bitchy. I guess I don't feel all comfortable discussing to much of my job, but I'll just mention that he seems he can't be satisfied or he is drawing this out a bit for some bizarre reason. I can't quite figure him out. I will get through this though and then line up the shots at the bar!

I am not sure what the weekend holds for me yet. I usually go out with friends because it is for the most part, the only time we get a chance to do much. Not everyone has my luxury, however, they all have a regular check they can count on each week. Everything has pros and cons. I do like working for myself though. I am very independent and opinionated when it comes to business matters, so it works well for me.

My neighbor boy walked by me last night when I was coming back home and I still think he is so incredibly adorable! He has this full set of blonde curls that just make you want to take your fingers and run them through his hair! I see him and wish I was his age, with the knowledge I have now *wink* He said hello in such a quiet shy way as his eyes looked down at my feet. I just wanted to put my finger under his chin and let him know that if he looks at me in my eyes, I won't hurt him. I want him to learn confidence with women without growing too cocky of course. I am sure he will learn that in time though.

Something I wonder about


Aren't they awful? No, not what you are thinking!! I love that kind of hummer *lol* - I am talking about those vehicles. I see more and more of them on the road now and I am just having a difficult time seeing what attracks people to purchasing those as your every day kind of vehicle?

10:22am 08/03/2004
  I have always thought myself a very patient person but lately I find myself being taxed and having to take a deep breath. I do not want to seem "short" in IM to those who are genuine... but sometimes it is so hard to know. In the course of the day I get so many messages from guys asking questions like a/s/l etc or do I do cam. I direct them to my site and within a minute (sometimes less) they say "nice site" and then go on to asking me these questions. It is quite apparent they have not looked at my site. So, I give them a few more minutes in IM, only to discover they have no interest in calling me because they would prefer cyber or just to send me photos.

Sigh - I just needed to vent.

It is Monday morning (looking around for my coffee cup). Caffiene and some bodily stimulation should make my week go great, I'm ready when you are!
05:58pm 06/03/2004
mood: artistic
I am posting this as a "Wish". I'd love to get this so I can create my own E-mail backgrounds with photos etc.

Incredimail Purchase Page

For now Isabella made me three backgrounds that I downloaded. Kiss Girlie! Don't you just love how we work together? Do you realize we have never had a two girl call together? hmmmm I think someone needs to do something about that and let us play!!

I am going out of town tonight but I will be back late Sunday night and taking calls first thing Monday morning.

Have a naughty weekend!

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In response   
11:13am 05/03/2004
  Here you go Isabella....

Because you do hypnosis, I made it go side to side... lol

Everyone just remember that I am like way super new to this :)
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Short entry   
07:51am 05/03/2004

I know I don't often update much on my shoutouts.... but thanks for the calls yesterday guys! Special mention to the man who called me twice in a row.... that was a fun roleplay! I love getting what I want and seducing you to give it all to me, with my little rewards for you.


You Are an EXPERT in Bed

You know precisely what you’re doing when the sheets are pulled down and the panties go right along with them.

You’re also super confident, and rightly so.

Because any man who may be fortunate enough to find himself between your legs is a happy man, indeed.

You’re the type of woman men brag about in locker rooms: knowledgeable, adorable, and lickable.

You’ve gotten to the point that you don’t even have to try so hard.

It all just comes naturally: the mouth, the hips, everything underneath.

One lovely little package.

Are *You* Good In Bed?

More Great Quizzes from Quiz Diva
Blinkie/Graphic Junkie   
10:27am 02/03/2004

Who here has noticed that I seem to be a graphic/blinkie junkie lately? I think they are absolutely adorable! Some I have snagged with permission or had made for me.... now I am learning how to make them. So if you girls have any requests and would like me to try to make one for you... give me a shoutout and I'd love to try!

Bear with me as I play and show off either ones I have found, were given, or made because this is fun!

Give me a call and keep my fingers busy (winking)

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Monday Morning   
09:35am 01/03/2004

Monday morning... some people growl that yet another Monday is here. I like Monday's because I am settled here and ready for some play time! My weekends are full but at times I do try to log on but I always know that come Monday morning I will be here and ready to meet new guys or to talk to some of my favorites again!

I am now ready and waiting for my phone to ring and get some Monday morning release .... so if I have never talked with you before, give me a try and lets see if we have what it takes to click and cum together!

This weekend I stayed out of town with a friend. She has a cocker spaniel dog which is very cute but I am not really a "dog" person. I think they sense it and try to make me like them though. Her dog constantly jumped up on my leg trying to get me to give it some attention. I would eventually give it a few pats and then it would seem to be satisfied and go away. First thing in the morning yesterday I woke up to the dog on top of me licking my face. Now I've always appreciated being licked awake, just never visioned it being a dog. Now it is not to say I hate dogs because I don't. I think some are absolutely cute! This dog is just one that is indoor/outdoor so half the time the paws were muddy and just looked in need of a bath. My thoughts are a dog is best to be indoor and clean, or be an outdoor all the time dog and one who knows if you have muddy feet not to jump up on me.

Well that was quite a rant wasn't it? Just my thoughts and opinions on the matter (laughing)

http://www.beautysphonedesires.com - Vote for my site if you like what you see! Feel free to send me a whistle :)

08:48am 24/02/2004

Look for the day:
Hair up in a large claw with a few strands hanging out; low rise blue jeans with a wide camoflauge belt and a red/white/and blue with light sparkles, short sleeved shirt (sleeves cut at the top); red silk panties and bra. I do not usually state in the journal what my outfit for the day is, but I do have to admit that I am loving this look today so I thought I would share.

Thanks to all my callers who I have neglected saying thank you to lately. I got my first tip after a call last week and I just want to jump all over you and say thanks! Thanks to the guy who likes to pull my hair and spank me, I like it rough like that and he knows it. Wild and hot. For the father who tries to act tough, remember I know your just a pantyboy who needs to be controlled! Thanks to all the guys who call for a lot of other naughty things that leave me breathing hard after the calls also!


I am thinking of dabbling with bonds. Anyone have any tips for me? I have never done this before.

My car broke down. Actually, my car died and I think it is time to shoot it, bury it, or find some highschool student desperate for a car. I am currently driving around a rental car since last week and yes it is EXPENSIVE! but I am in love with it. It drives so smooth and I just zip here and there in it, so far no speeding tickets (lol) Now I am hunting to buy a new car. I am sure someone could fix mine up, but I have had so many issues with it that I would rather just start over.

I went to a bbq this weekend. We all huddled in the garage of a friends house, teeth chattering from the cold, and pulling my coat down to my hand to help hold the Keystone Light. Yes, Keystone Light (gagging) but that is what most of the guys brought over to drink. After about four or five you forget it tastes gross.

Take a look at my site http://www.beautysphonedesires.com and feel free to leave me a "whistle". If you like what you see, vote by clicking the banners on my site!
02:57pm 16/02/2004
  Back in the swing of things and my phone has been wonderfully busy today! Here I was afraid that since I had been gone you'd forget about me - how wrong was I! Very nice surprise calls today and even a few new guys gave me a try!

My best friends Sandy, Lizzie, and I had a great time during our get away. Sandy is a travel agent and came across some mega cheap tickets for us if we snagged them right then and there so we did just that! We flew to Ixtapa! It was this package deal so we ended up getting pampered to the hilt without the *gasping* high price! It was a maximum of three adults to our room so it was PERFECT!

The flight down was your typical flight I suppose but I have to tell you I cannot get on a plane without forcing myself to sleep instantly. In fact a plane is the only place I can force myself to sleep regardless if I had a full nights sleep already! Honestly I have never been awake during a flight so I cannot say I am truly scared of flying, but I suppose I am and that is why I put myself into instant coma mode! Oh well it helps make the flight go faster!!!! I just always hope that I don't drool or something.

We stayed near the hotel and enjoyed the swimming pool mostly but did venture out a bit to do some shopping. I definitely want to go back to Mexico again sometime and do some serious shopping. I am not much of a barter but I am a flirt and it was great seeing them "teach" me how to barter. Maybe that is the best way to go??

Time has come that I am back at home now and I will be buckling down working on getting new clients now that the Valentine's Day rush has past. My secret admirer boy didn't even leave something on my doorstep :( I feel horrible because I did mention to his mom about it and I hope she didn't say anything to embarass him or make him think he did something wrong by leaving me surprises. I am torn about this. I didnt want to lead him on or anything, but I don't want him to lose that awesome bravery to do that for another girl someday!

Thanks again guys ... thank you to all of you who called today and welcomed me home officially. (Cleaning off my breasts.... they sure got a lot of attention today!)


12:13pm 14/02/2004

Three of my closest friends and I packed up and went for a week of pampering and barefoot fun in the sand! *Spinning around slowly showing off my tan lines* or should I say "lack of tan lines".

Our flight home landed early this morning and home on Valentines Day alone. But it was a great vacation and much needed one at that! I like being able to just fly away sometimes because it gives you a different perspective on things when you get back - just such a stress release that I think everyone should indulge in!

I am going to go take a shower and slip into my bathrobe and soft furry slippers and then log on to see if there are any romantic horny men out there who would like to give me a Valentines kiss or just get down and dirty nasty with me.

I feel like a lioness ready to pounce on her prey and devour him Rawwwwrrrrrrr Let me attack or get me under your grip and listen to my roar turn in to a soft seductive purrrrrr.
Hoping you try again   
07:55am 06/02/2004

I heard that a guy tried to contact me last night and it appeared as I did not answer my phone. Oh, trust me I answer my phone - it must have been a technical system malfunction/hiccup and I'd love it if you tried to call me again or send me an e-mail to say hi.
My Wet Red Lips   
10:35pm 03/02/2004

Kinky me? Who would have guessed it? (Do I not look innocent?)

A very naughty man called today and he flattered me by saying thank you over and over again. The call was so kinky that I think it is best I not mention here - but trust me, he got my juices flowing with it! If you are seriously into kink and are curious just ask!

Shoutouts and thank yous also to all the other guys who called today, I had a wet and wonderfully wild day!

I hope tomorrow brings about the same!! You all are finally finding me and realizing that I do not bite and even though I might sound a bit nervous on my voice clip, I am actually a bit of a lioness once you rev my engine!

I changed my site today!! http://www.beautysphonedesires.com

I feel like a child who can't sit still and more than likely I will continue to change things here and there.

I'd love any comments and feedback on what you think of the "new look" and feel free to vote for me if you like what you see!

Anyone seeing a pattern with my little pictures in my last few posts? Even though I am single this year, I am getting into the spirit of the upcoming Valentine's Day mood. I love myself so maybe I'll buy myself some chocolate this year!! (laughing)
Super Bowl   
08:57am 02/02/2004

I am not a football expert... but I am a fan of the excitement, the beer, and the whole social side. Last night was intense! 32-29! wow close game! It was almost an anxiety attack game am I right? Did you just not catch your breath wondering?

Isn't it inevideble though that the guys with the ball last wins? I thought it was cool that they won it again after winning it two years ago and the same guy scored the winning field goal. (Some day I really need a guy to sit through a game and explain the logistics I guess but for now I don't mind just being there for the fun of it - I can still get caught up in the moment of excitement)

What about the half-time show? Janet Jackson's boobs right out there. She doesn't do anything for me though ... so I was not that impressed with it. Justin says "Wardrobe malfunction" Yeah whatever!

"I'll get you naked by the end of this song," sang performer Justin Timberlake, moments before he ripped off Jackson's top, exposing a bare breast -- the nipple covered by a metal 'solar' nipple medallion.

For those of you that did find it sexy and impressive - http://www.drudgereport.com/mattjj.htm check out this site - it has photos of Janet's boob from last night.

It is rare to shock me... serious.. and that shocked me. Personally, I just didn't find that appropriate at the Super Bowl. Wow? Do I sound like a prude?

It was a late night last night for me but I am all ready now this morning though to play football with someone!! I'm easy - you'll score a touchdown with me *wink*

1-866-SEXY-TFB and ask for Brandi

Feel free to vote for me if you like the site I have created and if you like what you see!
Thinking of you   
05:03pm 27/01/2004
  Thinking of you, Brandi xxoo

Getting closer   
10:58pm 26/01/2004
  Isn't it amazing when you are single how Valentine's Day seems to just hang in the air waiting to approach? I really do not mind being single right now, but I have to say that with all the things I have been doing, everything seems to be centered around Valentine's Day. So maybe it is just me that feels this way? I want a slow sweet kiss and treated like a queen that day. For now my plans for that night are to sit in my big fluffy white bathrobe after soaking in a hot bubble bath and hope someone calls to give me that slow sweet kiss.

I am such a clutz! A friend of mine bought me this pretty snow globe for Christmas. I have never had one before and I just fell in love with it... that is until I knocked it over and broke it today!! and I did it racing to get the phone because I left it on my bed instead of bringing it to my desk with me ... I usually just run right to my bed the instant the phone rings! Now I do that even when a friend calls out of habit.

Shoutout to a guy today who called and then sent me some pictures of himself. I worked at a massage parlor and he picked me as the girl of his choice to take him. I was also a teacher today who had to keep a student after class because I noticed his mind has been on other things lately besides his study. Good thing I came up with a reward plan to improve those grades! I gave a hot foot job to a man who just creamed all over my toes... messsy messy fun!
12:59pm 25/01/2004
  Thank you to mr.erotic who sent me my first whistle since working here at The Bar!!! I look forward to our next call.

What is a whistle? It is located on my website under FAQ and that is where someone can let my bosses, me, ect know just what you think of me and our time together.

Play Day   
05:38pm 23/01/2004
  I took the day off and ran all over town with a friend of mine and had a blast! We shopped like wild animals (window shopping mostly) but that is just as much fun sometimes! We people watched - we laughed so hard my stomach ached. Military men: You have to drool. It is physically impossible to not am I right? I have never dated a military man and looking at a few of them I can just tell they are hot in bed, with bodies in such good physical condition how could they not be? I also like the big teddy bearish kind of guys though too that make me feel safe and secure in their arms as we rock our bodies together to orgasm.

I haven't had sex in 24 days! (New Years Eve) Can you tell that I am horny and missing it? It has invaded my every thought when I look at men lately, wondering how he would be and if he could make me cum over and over.

We also ended up going to a Mongolian Grill for lunch. Picture this: The resturant is packed and tons of people in line. My friend gets hers first and goes to sit at the table and I'm next in line to get mine when the guy starts to just talk to me. Here there are people behind me waiting for their food and he is flirting so what do I do? FLIRT right back! In that short time I found out he enjoys outdoor activities like hunting, fishing, and camping. He is thinking of moving to the edge of town. His name is Mike and he is 28. -- I just might go back and eat there again soon! He was very attractive and I like the fact that even though it was insanely busy, he took the time to flirt with me (a girl loves attention you know).

I'm off to stand next to my bathtub, hair in a pony tail, drop my robe, candles in place, soft music in the background, and a book to read to relax after a busy play day. I'll then step out on to the rug on the floor, begin to towel my body off from my head to my toes and then start to lather my body in lotion before slipping into something soft and silky to come play in tonight. I am looking forward to meeting more of you guys, won't you come and join me tonight?

http://www.beautysdesires.com - I changed my site around last night just a bit if you would like to go take a look.
Valentines is on its way   
08:55pm 21/01/2004
  Watched American Idol again tonight and wow Houston, bad rep came from that town tonight. I laughed so hard and felt so sad for the people at the same time. Paula walked out, Simon had someone dump his water on him, there was rain, thunder, and lightning. Poor poor Houston. I can sing (a big) but there is no way I'd ever go and audition because I actually realize I am not up to their speed. Kudos to the ones who are brave enough to put themselves out there like that though I guess and give it a try.

I have another meeting scheduled on Monday, Valentine shopping has begun guys! I was only around for awhile today because I began the fun part of my other job "the shopping"! I'd like to share more but I am afraid it would just put you all to sleep so I'll just give brief synapses every now and again.

Shoutout to Mr. DD (It has just stuck in my mind, sorry) I got him to give in to me and call again today and then he came back for seconds and let me leaving him breathless (still thinking of me?) Thanks to the hottie who called and gave me a massage in the shower! I do so love being in water with a man touching my body. How many times did you cum for me anyways?! I doubt there is anyone who can beat you!
05:18pm 20/01/2004
  I watched American Idol last night. I have a morbid sense of humor and enjoy watching the ones who apparently everyone in their lives has loved them too much to tell them they are awful, or they will just do about anything for their 15 minutes of fame. I have never watched an entire season, I just enjoy the first few and I believe there is another tonight so I'll have to keep an eye out.

I've never been much of a television watcher so if anyone has any evening shows they think I might enjoy, shoutout and let me know. I do not even own a television guide so I am basically in the dark on what is on.

Shoutouts today: Thanks to Mr. Donald Duck (oh he is going to just love that I have nicknamed it that so I'll have to come up with something more appropriate later - but I just HAD to mention that in my journal) called me today and I got to let my voice into his head, teasing him and he knows I can't wait for more! Thanks to my stroker who loved me teasing him and making him stroke to me so much, he called back for seconds only a few minutes later. Thanks to the guys who called and let my mouth and fingers do the walking over their cocks. Dangling my feet in heels to show off how pretty they are for one of you.